Bible Topics

  The Lord's Evening Meal ― "Keep doing this in remembrance of me" .
  Jesus is not God ― In His Own Words.
  Does God Have an Organization?
  Baptism is not about "Dedication" ― Why was Jesus baptized?
  What is God's View on Dedication?
  "Born Again" ― What Did Jesus Mean?
  Who are the "other sheep"?
The Blessings of the First Resurrection.
  Does the Bible mention a "spiritual" Israel?
  Do you distinguish between "the sacred" and "the secular"?

  Is the "vindication of Jehovah's sovereignty" the "important issue facing mankind"?
  Why does Jehovah tolerate wicked shepherds within his household? 
  The "Great Tribulation" is "Jehovah's Day" at Armageddon.
  Jerusalem was not destroyed in 607 BCE.
  The Truth About 607 B.C.E., and What It Means to You!
  Prophecies Which We Need to Understand ― and those we don't.
  It does not belong to us to get knowledge of God's times and seasons.
  "The Fall of “Babylon the Great
  "My Own People Have Loved It That Way" (Jeremiah 5:31}
  Who is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?
  Was there a Governing Body in the First Century?
  A Generation Pure In Its Own Eyes.
  Be Patient and Trust Jehovah.
  Obedience is still the Primary Issue.
  Ephesians 5:33: Is it about "deep respect"?
 Is the Greek word for love―agape―a superior form of love?

  Q&A: What was the importance of circumcision?
Does a person need to be baptized to survive Armageddon?
  Q&A: A simple explanation of the New Covenant.
  Q&A: Could Nicodemus be born again before Jesus had died?
Is the Kingdom Hall our "place of worship"? Can we worship Jehovah apart from the meetings?
  Q&A: "Why attend the meetings, when they have become a blasphemy?"
  Q&A: Since it is permitted to celebrate one's wedding anniversary, why not birthdays?
  Q&A: What about blood transfusions?
  Q&A: The "solid foundation" that God's household has been built on (2 Timothy 2:19) 
  Q&A: Do only Jehovah's witnesses render sacred service to God?
  Q&A: When does the "generation" of Matthew 24:34 begin?
  Q&A: Was Satan and his demons cast out of heaven in 1914?
  Q&A: Will a proclamation of "peace and security" precede Armageddon?
  Q&A: Who is the "King of the North" today?
  Q&A: John 2:19: Which temple would Jesus raise up in three days?
Zechariah 8:23: Who are the ten men out of the nations who will join a Jew?
  Q&A: The illustration of the dragnet
  Q&A: Who are Jesus’ “brothers” in the parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25? 
  Q&A: Who are the "holy ones"? Are all of God's people holy ― or only the anointed?
  Q&A: Does the Bible teach that all good people go to heaven?
  Q&A: Has the First Resurrection already begun?
  Q&A: Are resurrected anointed ones involved in the communicating of divine truths today?
  Q&A: If everything else in Revelation is figurative, how do we know that the 144,000 is a literal number?
  Q&A: Are the 1,000 years of Jesus' rule literal or symbolic?
  Q&A: How do we know that the six creation days were not 24 literal hours long?
  Q&A: Is Jesus Michael the archangel?
  Q&A: Does the Greek word "diatithemi" mean "to make a covenant" at Luke 22:29?
 Q&A: Who are God's people today? How can we be sure?
 Q&A: How can we be sure that we have the truth, and are not being misled?
  Q&A: Have God's people ever been in captivity in Babylon the Great?

  The Watchtower does not claim to be infallible.
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 ■  Watchtower Quotes: Russell's teaching regarding 1874 (Jesus' parousia) and 1914 (End of All Kingdoms) 
 ■ Transcript of Fred Franz's talk (1975) against the existence of a first century governing body.