Why has God allowed so much time to pass before intervening in mankind's affairs? 
  Is the "vindication of Jehovah's sovereignty" the "important issue facing mankind"―and can we support it? 
  Have God's people ever been held captive by Babylon the Great?
  When does the "great crowd" of Revelation appear; and when do they receive their white robes?
  Who is the "King of the North" today?
  Does the Bible say that a proclamation of "peace and security" will signal the sudden beginning of Armageddon? 

  Does the Greek word "diatithemi" mean "to make a covenant," as some Bible dictionaries claim?
  How can we justify sitting in a Kingdom Hall and listening to untruths without standing up for what is right?
  [One more question] about who should or should not partake at the Memorial.
  Who are the "holy ones"? Are all of God's people holy, or only the anointed?
  What is the "solid foundation of God" at 2 Timothy 2:19? 
  Should you feel indebted and trust the ones from whom you learned the "truth"?
  What did Jesus mean when he said at John 5:25 that "the dead" come to "life" and "it is now"?
  Are the 1,000 years of Jesus' rule as stated in Revelation 20:6 literal or symbolic?
  When does the "generation" of Matthew 24:34 begin?
  What do the Scriptures say about suicide? 
  Is the Kingdom Hall our "place of worship"? Can we worship Jehovah apart from the meetings?
  Are the 144,000 declared righteous immediately, while the great crowd have to wait for the thousand years? 
  Did the foretold "critical times hard to deal with" begin in 1914, or is that still future?
  Were the Creation Days of Genesis a mere twenty-four hours each? How can we know?
  Why did God require the Jews to get circumcised? Was it for health reasons?
  Is there any evidence that some of the anointed are already in heaven with Jesus?
Any comments on the "seven shepherds" and "eight dukes" of the Nov 15th, 2013 Watchtower?
  What did Jesus mean when he said, 'If anyone observes my word he will never see death at all'?
  Does the Bible teach that all good people go to heaven?
  Do Paulís words at Rom. 4:1-5 contradict those of James (James 2:21-24) on the matter of faith and works?
  I am not fully in agreement with your assessment of Jehovah's intentions for us to delve into prophecy.
  I read your article on the First Resurrection 4 times and am still confused on the chronological order you present.
  Whatís the big deal about being present at the Memorial if we donít partake?
  When we pray, should we mention Jesus' name at the beginning or the end, or both?
  Who are Jesusí ďbrothersĒ in the parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25?  
  I want to get baptized but have an issue with some questions I'll be asked, such as about 1914. I don't want to lie.
  What is represented by the "dragnet" in Jesus' illustration? 
  Is it alright to pray with a householder you are calling on who asks you to say a prayer?  
  Are the 144,000 chosen from among the great crowd? And are both groups in heaven? 
  If Jehovah's Witnesses can celebrate wedding anniversaries, why not birthdays? 
  What relationship is there between the Watchtower Society and God's people, if any?   
Does the Bible speak of a "second" sealing for the anointed?
  Why is there such confusion among the "anointed" about whether to stay or to flee the organization? 
  Are you a disfellowshipped JW or are you still in good standing in a congregation?
Revelation 3:14 - Does Jesus say he is "the beginning of the creation by God," or "the ruler of God's creation"?
  What did Jesus mean when he said in Luke 21:25-28 that there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars?
  To what extent does the good news of the kingdom have to be preached before Armageddon can come?
  Is Jesus Michael the archangel?
  What is pictured by the olive tree as described by Paul in his letter to the Romans?
Who replaced Judas Iscariot as the twelfth apostle, Matthias or Paul?
  What is the covenant for a kingdom that Jesus made with his disciples? Is it the same as the new covenant?
  What did Jesus mean when he said that if we have faith the size of a mustard grain we can move mountains?
  I donít quite understand how disassociated can be used in harmony with disfellowship. Isnít there a big difference?
  What is your understanding of Zechariah 8:23? Is it possible that those with an earthly hope could be a spiritual Jew?
  Aren't you being unChristian when you criticize the opinions of others, referring to some as absurd or irresponsible?
  Where is "the great crowd" of Revelation serving God?
  Do you accept challenges to debate? 
  Since only the Governing Body is doing the feeding how can the other slaves be judged as "faithful and discreet"?
  If everything else in Revelation is figurative, how do we know that the 144,000 is a literal number?
  Are you aware of any prophecies made by the WTS that have come true?
  What is your motive behind attacking the Governing Body?
  Can you explain in simple terms what the New Covenant is according to the Bible?
  Is it a sin to partake at the Memorial when you shouldn't, or fail to do so when you should?
  What is your schedule of events after Babylon the Great falls?
  Struggling with smoking and other addictions, being disfellowshipped, and what hope for such persons?
  Has Christ been ruling "in the midst of his enemies" since 1914?
  Are resurrected anointed ones involved in the communicating of divine truths today?
  Does belonging to Godís household require us to attend regularly all the meetings?
  I find it troubling that Jehovah has allowed the cover up of child molestation among the Witnesses for so long...
  I suspect that something in Brooklyn is amuck . . .
  In my Bible reading, how am I to identify the things that apply only to the anointed and those that apply to me?
  My brother doesn't know what to do in regards to getting baptized according to the Society's requirements.
  Should the apostle Paul's letters be viewed as inspired?
  Did Jehovah purpose for the entire nation of Israel to become "a kingdom of priests"?
  If the 144,000 are sealed "out of the sons of Israel", who are these "sons of Israel" from whom the 144,000 are taken?
  If the spiritually alive are not to be judged how is it they will render an account along with the dead, 1 Peter 4:5,6?
  Is the mark of the wild beast a literal mark, and did the Society receive it when a member of the UN as an NGO?
  On what basis are the dead to be judged?
"I believe you are way off when it comes to what you wrote about being born again."
What did Jesus mean when he said: "Destroy this temple and I will raise it up in three days" (John 2:19)?
  How can the "man of lawlessness" write such scriptural wonderful praises to Jehovah and helpful loving articles for us?
  Should we confess our sins to elders, even if they happened many years ago?
  If a JW has the full realization that 1914 is incorrect what does he teach his bible student? What about baptism?
  Why was Jesus worshiped by the former blind man at John 9:38; or Thomas refer to Jesus as my Lord and my God?
  Do you believe that Satan and the demons were cast out of heaven in 1914, and it's been woe to the earth since then?
I have had an anointing experience. Can you share any experiences you have heard that others have had?
Is the Watchtower still an NGO registered with OSCE? (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
Is the "great tribulation" referring to the time when we personally are going through great suffering?
This is what really makes me feel like nothing, when the anointed go on about how special they are. .
  You mention that witnesses are taught that they can't have a relationship with Jehovah. . .
  Your articles on dedication are puzzling to me. . .Was I misinterpreting what you wrote there?
  Will Jesus return visibly on literal clouds for everyone to see?
  Review Question in WT, 12/15/06, p30: "Was Jewish ritual bathing a forerunner of Christian baptism?"
What is your take on the scriptural viewpoint on the prohibition on blood as stated in Acts 15?
 A witch hunt is going on in my congregation. Some brothers are accused of apostasy.
In what way did the baptism of John the Baptizer and the baptism that followed by Jesus' disciples differ?
Does the Circumcision Edict prove that there was a Governing Body in Jerusalem?
How would you go about proving there is a future paradise earth for the great crowd?
Have you presented any of your research to the Society, and if you have what was their response?
How do the "sheep" rate in Jehovah's eyes compared to those who have the heavenly calling?
  Why should the non heavenly group be prevented from partaking of the emblems at the Memorial?
  Is there a difference between Jesus' "presence" and his "coming"?
  Did the showbread picture who may partake of the emblems at the Memorial?
Since none of those judged in 1919 are still alive do any of the anointed today have Christ's approval?
  What do the "tribulations" in 2 Thessalonians 1:6-8 refer to?
  Does Jehovah want us to preach lies to our neighbors?
  Is the great tribulation caused by human activity that results in God stepping in?
  Am I sinning by paying an interest in the supernatural?
 Is it necessary to be baptized to survive Armageddon?
 Why do you say that JW's alone are God's household?
  Where do the Watchtower's so-called "apostates" fit into "God's household"?
I've been unable to conscientiously continue to attend meetings with the Jehovah's Witnesses
  If we are God's organization, why do we have so many problems? It's hard to continue to go to the meetings.
  If Babylon the Great is false worship does it include the Watchtower Society?